Photo of Sage, who has short red hair, wearing a layered, very colourful outfit with a hat on. They are crouching on the ground looking off to the right and smiling. There is a thin tree trunk, a stump, and the wall of a shed behind them.

Sage Pantony is a queer and non-binary writer and zinester. They primarily write creative non-fiction, poetry, and semi-fiction. Their work covers topics like gender, sexuality, relationships, mental health, trauma, spirituality, and creativity. They are the author of a handful of zines, including a trilogy about transitioning as a non-binary person. Their work has appeared in several small publications over the years, and they self-publish to their blog.

Sage is a white settler of mixed European heritage currently residing in Nogojiwanong. They live with trauma and an undiagnosed mental illness. They are polyamorous and involved in alternative lifestyles. They were raised in a Buddhist family and are a (lazy) practicing Pagan. They used to be a homeschooled weirdo. Now they’re just a regular weirdo who’s committed to learning as much as they can, formally and informally.

Sage is not and cannot be just one thing. They find that trying to force a concrete, specific definition onto themselves only serves to suppress their creativity. They embody multiplicity. They are always curious. All of what they are and all of what they do intersects. Their poetry bleeds into their prose as their reality bleeds into their fiction, and back again.