Are You a Writer?

Photo of an alley taken at night with streetlights illuminating it and several windows on the buildings on either side glowing with light. Pink-and-purple filter over image. White text in the centre that reads, "Are You a Writer?" Handle @sage_pantony in white in bottom right corner.

You could write every day. You could write every other day. You could write once a week. You could write once a month. You could go years without writing. You could have no set schedule for writing. You could stretch out your writing schedule, see how far it bends before breaking. You could pause while writing to check your phone, or you could huck your phone across the room while writing about it.

Nothing makes you more or less of a writer. This title does not need to be earned. It may be found. It may be claimed. It may have always been here, waiting for your acknowledgement. If you want it, you can have it, no questions asked. You do not need permission.

A writer is a person who writes or wants to write, with or without consistency, a person who feels that the word “writer” applies to them in some way or another, a person with the desire to string words together, a person with a longing to express what needs to be expressed.

A writer is a writer is a writer, and no one can determine if a writer is a writer but that writer themselves.